TckTckTck announces The Fresh Air Centre

Today’s NaBloPoMo is dedicated to the news that TckTckTck’s latest effort to unite with other NGOs and fight climate change as a unit, has now launched. The group has announced that for COP15 in Copenhagen, they’ll be covering the Summit from ‘The Fresh Air Centre’, a rapid response digital media hub. The Fresh Air Centre […]

Climate change and its affect on women

I was just sent a link to this fantastic article by Jess McCabe in The Guardian, in which she talks about climate change being a feminist issue not because of population control – but because it is women who are on the front line, facing the affects of climate change and dealing with them for […]

Do The Green Thing launches ‘Glove Love’

I sat down with Andy Hobsbawm (an man and co-founder of Do The Green Thing) a month or so ago after first meeting him at TED Global. The image below is the beautifully hand-written note that we were given from the team at the end of the conference itself. I still have mine at […]

Signing up to 10:10

So, I’ve just signed up in less than a minute to the 10:10 campaign. Launched last week with help from The Guardian, it’s a major new climate campaign that asks individuals, businesses and organisations to cut carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. As most won’t have made it to the opening at The Tate Modern, […]