giffgaff's blogger calendar

giffgaff’s blogger calendar

About a month ago I agreed to take part in giffgaff’s blogger calendar, which has been created to raise funds for Cancer Research. As I said to Heather (social media/PR manager extraordinaire at giffgaff) at the time, it’s not like having your photo taken is going to save the world, but in a small way it […]

Buying Nothing™ for the party

As some of you might know, I’m a big fan of Do The Green Thing’s cheeky approach to encouraging people to be a bit kinder to the environment. As such, this campaign may have been launched last year, but I still think it’s fantastic and this post is long overdue. Originally created for Black Friday […]

Why I’m not at COP15

In short, I should be. I finally got semi-accreditation at the end of last week (in the form of an NGO pass no less), but as is always the issue, logistics and red tape have been the only prohibiting factor in gaining access to the summit. Oxfam once again invested resource and time in sponsoring […]

A week of posts in one

So, I’m behind on NaBloPoMo, REALLY behind. I feel bad, as I wanted to do the full month, but sometimes other things just get in the way. I’m not going to rest on it for too long, and instead have written the digest-style piece below covering seven interesting things I’ve seen or done in the […]