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Gaga reveals new track with interactive 'hunt' #SOUNDPUZZLE

Gaga reveals new track with interactive ‘hunt’ #SOUNDPUZZLE

Today Lady Gaga showcased a well-executed and beautifully simple example of the fan-powered interactive ‘hunt’. Most brands have caught on to the fact that when you have truly passionate fans, you can create sexy, intricate and interactive games for them to play online. Done right, this means a fun experience for them – and a […]

XXXY remixes Chew Lips’ Hurricane

This remix of Chew Lips’ Hurricane by XXXY is the epitome of that track that makes you feel happy, uplifted and scouring your diary to work out when you can go dancing next, all at the same time. I <3 this 90s vibe.

Aaliyah feat. Drake – Enough Said

A ‘new’ Aaliyah track surfaced on Sunday via Drake’s OVO Festival blog (which he was hosting in Toronoto). It’s had mixed response, with some fans calling the posthumous track disrespectful – and the Haughton family denying any official involvement in an album that would see her unfinished work finally released 11 years after her death. […]