Do The Green Thing launches ‘Glove Love’

I sat down with Andy Hobsbawm (an man and co-founder of Do The Green Thing) a month or so ago after first meeting him at TED Global. The image below is the beautifully hand-written note that we were given from the team at the end of the conference itself. I still have mine at home, as it’s the little touches like that that make such a difference.

One of the things I was most interested in following our conversation was the ‘Glove Love’ campaign, which has now launched. There aren’t many brands that have such a great tone of voice that I’d use their words instead of mine, but Do The Green Thing is one of them. So I’m going to let Andy tell you about it himself:

Glove Love is Green Thing’s first sustainable product to help folk do the Green Thing in the physical world. Glove Love is an initiative where we take lonely single gloves that have lost their original partners, wash them and then pair them with brand new glove lovers. Glove Love is a wonderful example, we reckon, of form (they look great), function (they keep your hands warm), and systemic sustainability (each glove evades landfill and avoids a new pair being bought with all the resources that uses).

We’ve made a rather delightful short film called Glove Story about the principle behind Glove Love, which Emma Thompson did the voice-over for. We’re appealing for people to send us in single gloves so we can make more pairs. It’s easy to do, just fill out a form here and send it in. That way we can generate a code and let each person know when their glove has found love, linking them up with the new happy glove lover!”

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  1. Retro Chick

    Oh, that’s a lovely idea!

    How cute.

  2. delia Goldsby

    gorgeous and very handy idea … can you do similar love thing for socks too… i have dozens of kiddy socky singles !

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