TckTckTck announces The Fresh Air Centre

Today’s NaBloPoMo is dedicated to the news that TckTckTck’s latest effort to unite with other NGOs and fight climate change as a unit, has now launched. The group has announced that for COP15 in Copenhagen, they’ll be covering the Summit from ‘The Fresh Air Centre’, a rapid response digital media hub.

The Fresh Air Centre will be made up of two spaces; a smaller one behind the security perimeter, and a larger, more open space downtown. The first is open to accredited bloggers, communications staff, and digital campaigners, the second a larger collaboration and community area. 

Avaaz,, WWF Int, Greenpeace Int, Oxfam Int, NRDC, and UN Foundation are already confirmed to take part, as well as bloggers from Huffington Post, ThinkProgress, Treehugger, OneWorld, GlobalVoices, WonkRoom, ClimateProgress, Adopt-a-Netogiator,

Want to get involved? If you are a blogger, apply to join here (some subsidies are available, especially for bloggers representing the global south and diverse communities). The same goes for NGOs, especially those sending digital media people (especially if involved in rapid response channels like e-activist lists, Twitter and Facebook groups or home page content).

Very exciting…

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