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Thanks for finding your way here, but I’m sadly no longer using this blog to publish anything new. You can find an archive of writing to the right. Drop me a note at if you want to talk 🙂

Six vital things I learned from Tracy Robbins

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) I am incredibly lucky to have had incredible support from the people I’ve worked for throughout my career. The on-the-job training and guidance that has shaped my working ethos has largely come from direct bosses and line managers; the people I’ve worked most closely with on a day-to-day basis. Almost six years […]

Thoughts on digital trends for 2018

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) Last week I was asked by Holmes Report (paywall) to pen some thoughts on digital trends for the year. While I could quite have easily said ‘everything’, because all of my work is ‘digital’ in some sense now, I gathered my thoughts in a more pragmatic way and have shared in full below. Notable […]

With great power comes great responsibility

I had such positive feedback on the session I created for this year’s Silicon Beach, that I’ve reposted the article I wrote for the event’s accompanying book. The piece below was originally published there, and on LinkedIn. ‘Influencer’ is now a well-known, lusted-after job title, with many people (both young AND old) craving a life that […]