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The Million project; a Marketer’s dream come true

I don’t usually cross-post from The Really Mobile Project, but I’m really interested in the influence on social behaviour that the Million project will have, so have decided to put it live on as well. I read a piece yesterday about the Million project in New York (named as such to reference the city’s […]

My unsung hero?

  My next video diary covers my broken e71, and the handset I’ll be using while it’s off being fixed. Click through to watch on The Really Mobile Project

Does your mobile speak volumes about who you are?

  “Things have been a bit quiet from my side recently, but I’m now firmly back on UK time and returning my attention to all things mobile. While in L.A., I had various conversations with many different people about their respective phones, relating specifically to why they’d purchased them. A large percentage of the responses […]