Tech not causing social isolation after all…

US firm Pew Research has released its report into social behaviour, called ‘social isolation and new technology’. From the company’s Internet and American Life project (which is a nonprofit), it looks only at American users of social-based technology, but is still a fairly good gauge of Western use. The main outcome was that technology is […]

The Million project; a Marketer’s dream come true

I don’t usually cross-post from The Really Mobile Project, but I’m really interested in the influence on social behaviour that the Million project will have, so have decided to put it live on as well. I read a piece yesterday about the Million project in New York (named as such to reference the city’s […]

Nokia, bioplastics and the big green responsibility debate

At present, the European Commission is considering applying stronger regulatory actions to try and address the 10.3 billion tonnes of electronic waste produced each year in Europe. Right now, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidelines have been implemented in many forms, which means that a manufacturer takes accountability for a product beyond the time of sale. […]

My unsung hero?

  My next video diary covers my broken e71, and the handset I’ll be using while it’s off being fixed. Click through to watch on The Really Mobile Project