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Settle Down (or not)

No Doubt. Such memories. The band are an essential part of my musical biography, from the dulcit tones of Don’t Speak to the undoubted career highlight that was Return of Saturn. Gwen was an emblem of a strong woman, she looked fantastic and the whole group introduced me to the idea of ska (in the […]

Latest Converse collaboration unites Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Trak

Converse has released yet another all-star collaboration for its Three artists, One song series, fusing promotion for trainer range Journeys with free-to-download music. This time the trio consists of Mark Foster of Foster the People, fresh young thing Kimbra, and personal favourite A-Trak. This follows dance punk duo, Matt & Kim, rapper Soulja Boy and songwriter […]

The world's first fully shoppable music video?

The world’s first fully shoppable music video?

I’m not convinced it’s the first, but it’s certainly interesting. An expandable ‘S’ icon hovers over each of the artists from shot to shot, and clicking on it pauses the track to bring up the window below. Shame the song’s so rubbish (Diplo, what are you *doing*?!) Thanks to Matt Muir for the tip off.

Marina's Primadonna video

Marina’s Primadonna video

L.O.V.E. First look at her Electra Heart album cover too.