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Digital trends for 2016; what’s really important?

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) I’m not normally a fan of these posts, because everyone under the sun has *some* sort of opinion on what will be important next year. However, while writing up some thoughts for The Holmes Report on digital trends for 2016, I arrived at some fairly concrete conclusions for where I think we’ll […]

The Pool’s Sam Baker; ‘I simply don’t believe in click throughs’

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) Last week I sat on the stage at The Barbican with Sam Baker, co-founder of The Pool, a ‘platform for women who are too busy to browse’. We were there for H+K’s annual conference, D2, and more specifically – to talk about creativity in publishing. A former editor-in-chief of both Red and Cosmopolitan, Baker […]

Young women in comms; do we really know what they want?

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) When I went to SXSW this year, I said that I was impressed with the increased representation of female attendees and speakers. In fact, three out of the five keynotes were by women. However, the majority of speakers were in senior roles, and while having them talk about getting more women in technology, digital […]

We’ve still got a problem with diversity

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) I first heard the phrase ‘pattern recognition’ at SXSW this year. Jennifer Hyman, co-founder of Rent the Runway, was on a panel about the future of retail, and they were discussing whether the airbnb concept would have been funded if it had been pitched by a woman. While I’m not convinced […]