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Can responsible creative turn #metoo awareness in to action?

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a wave of sexual harassment allegations hit the media industry. #metoo has given women a platform to step forward bravely, and many offenders are finally being held accountable for years of unacceptable behaviour. At WPP Stream this past weekend, Facebook led a session on the […]

Can’t-miss Cannes

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) Next week, the worlds of communications, media and advertising descend on Cannes for another International Festival of Creativity. While one of the biggest draws is the people you meet and the pool of new business, talent and potential partnerships; I get more FOMO at Cannes Lions than any other festival in the world. […]

Don’t do the shiny thing

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) A few weeks back I spoke at the inaugural One Question conference in London. The premise of this new event is simple but refreshing: one question, many perspectives. I for one appreciate the focus this brought to the day, and that it allowed me to carve out a really clear response based on the […]

Gen Alpha and the desire to be current vs. considered

(Originally posted to LinkedIn) This morning, an interesting thing happened. Well. My use of the word ‘interesting’ here is fairly broad… I noticed that I’d made a mistake in an over-excited tweet I’d posted last night, and the familiar clench of annoyance hit me right in the stomach. I’m in the older end of the amorphous ‘millennial’ […]