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    […] Kitchen Table Projects’ #kitchentabletalks […]

  2. Chicken wraps with Nadiadee Lemon Chutney | boudicca foods

    […] discovered one such business, Dips, at Kitchen Table Projects’ Artisan Springboard a few weeks back. Dips is a family run business, making Garlic Chilli pastes and chutneys using […]

  3. Lucy’s Punchy Plum relish & La Cave a Fromage | boudicca foods

    […] had hiding in the cupboard from Lucy’s Dressings for the past few weeks, another find from Kitchen Table Projects’ Artisan Springboard. Lucy, who started the company five years ago in Suffolk, started out making salad dressings using […]

  4. 5 questions with Dips’ founder Hershil Patel | boudicca foods

    […] rave about Dips’ Nadiadee Lemon Chutney after discovering it at Kitchen Table Projects’ Artisan Springboard. I made some killer lettuce wraps with it by adding to yoghurt and using as a dressing, and they […]

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