50+ hours of free music via the W Hotels Worldwide app

A banner advert just caught my eye.

(How often do you find yourself saying that? NEVER. But anyway…)

Hype Machine’s 2011 Zeitgeist is this year presented by the W Hotels Worldwide app.



Yes. The banner ad informed me that it provides ‘Over 50 hours of exclusive music from the world’s best DJs’

So I downloaded it, for free. You know what, it’s pretty damn good. Funky house/lounge with a lot of soul and a good dash of dubstep in parts.

Online only, but there are some cracking tracks on there (oh, and you can buy W swag via the app and pick up special offers on hotel rooms).

My fav is the Pretty Heavy mix by Willy Joy, which includes a sample of the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme tune and an explanation of how to do the ‘Larry David’.


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