My My & Emika, plus Duck Sauce’s Big Bad Wolf

I spent last weekend in Barcelona at Sonar 2011 and have come away with a renewed love for a few artists, plus a new found hunger for others.

The first of which is the combination of My My & Emika, which we heard in a quirky bar called Soda. A flash of Soundhound, and I’d discovered what it was.

This is the track in question.

After a little digging, I found another track called Lights Go Down, which has a similar vibe – but Price Tag is a definite winner.

Following the glowing review I gave A-Trak’s set, there’s been one sample I can’t get out of my head. I heard him play it at Sonar, then Tiga do the same later.

But alas, it seems that, along with half of the web, I’d simply fallen under the spell of the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ sample that he’s been playing at festivals all over the world. It’s hotly tipped to be Duck Sauce’s next single, and when it gets released, is bound to be a monster.

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