The Music Painter

I’m a fan of discovering interesting people by taking the time to look at the biographies of new followers on Twitter. You never know you might miss if you don’t keep an eye on things.

Kilford the music painter is one such man. As you’d imagine, this guy paints to music. He’s ‘performed’ live with Paul Weller, Deep Purple, Brian Eno and even The Charlatans.

An expressionist to the last, his style is frenetic and packed with energy. The photo above was taken during a Pendulum set at Sonisphere 2010 and he worked with DJ Ras Kwame at the MOBO Awards VIP Reception earlier this week.

He’s realised the power of sharing online too, giving back 15% of sales of his work to those who spread the love via Facebook and Twitter.

He curates a live music painting session at The Social on the third monday of every month if you want to get involved, but if you’d rather admire from afar, check out some of the sketches and prints in The Music Painter store.

5 responses to “The Music Painter”

  1. Kilford

    oh this is very cute, i came back to see what new stuff was on your blog and there i was…yay :o) glad you like the paintings sweetie. One Love. Kxx

  2. Vikki

    It’s all true x

  3. Yush

    Hmmm.. I’m all for different forms of expression and some of the painted work is interesting but some of those sketches for £1000? Inspired by 50 Cent In da Club – Seriously £1000?

    I’m in the wrong game.

  4. Yush

    No I’m not! It’s not music snobbery!

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