Supporting MTV and The Body Shop’s Yes Yes Yes campaign

If there’s ever a question bound to put a smile on my face, it would be; ‘will you make me a playlist?’

It’s no secret that I’m a massive music fan with a slight penchant for electro, so when asked to contribute a ten-strong collection to support MTV and The Body Shop’s Yes Yes Yes campaign, there was only really one answer.

The companies are teaming up for good reason too, as the blog says;

“Right now, there are over 33 million people living with HIV and AIDS around the world – and that figure is increasing every minute of every day. So what’s driving this figure up? Simple answer – for the most part, people having unsafe sex. Crazy, isn’t it. That’s why, this year, MTV and the Body Shop are asking you to say YES to safe sex. By this one simple step, you’ll be making a stand – a stand that says you’re ready to tackle this epidemic with action that will make a difference.”

I have to say, the last time MTV and TBS tied up to launch the campaign above, I may have bought several (hundred). I gave myself full permission to over-indulge though, as proceeds from each sale goes to The Staying Alive Foundation (an MTV AIDS charity that helps young people set up grass roots projects in their communities). I’m sure the new version is just as delicious, but you can always buy online and check for yourself for just £5.

Update Oct 28 2018: Sadly my playlist is no longer available online – sorry folks!

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