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Swish for Global Cool; it’s time to party

Some of you may be aware of my support for Global Cool, a climate change charity that focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions by creating practical initiatives instead of fundraising alone. This means that saving the planet isn’t just for people who like to think of themselves as ‘green’, it’s about having a little […]

Figures of Speech; my burning building

I attended the ICA’s Figures of Speech fundraising Gala a few weeks ago and sat on SpinVox’s blogger table for the night. The evening consisted of a great deal of mobile geekery from our table (including my introduction to ‘Flight Control’, a scarily addictive iPhone game that pretty much does what it says on the […]

Never miss a show with Sky’s Remote Record service

Originally posted on Mobile Industry Review I’m a recent convert to the joys of Sky+. In fact, I’ve been a fan for years, but due to what I now presume to be laziness on the part of my Sky engineer – I hadn’t been able to set anything up to record ahead of time, only […]

Supporting MTV and The Body Shop’s Yes Yes Yes campaign

If there’s ever a question bound to put a smile on my face, it would be; ‘will you make me a playlist?’ It’s no secret that I’m a massive music fan with a slight penchant for electro, so when asked to contribute a ten-strong collection to support MTV and The Body Shop’s Yes Yes Yes […]