Digital table tops at Inamo

I love the digital table tops at Inamo in Soho. There’s no waitress, just servers. You can scroll through the menu by clicking two buttons on your side of the table, place an order and check your bill in real time. You can change the atmosphere of your surroundings by changing the light, ‘tablecloth’ or […]

The story of Gabura, launching tomorrow

From tomorrow, you’ll able to watch ‘From Daily Life to Disaster’ – an interactive online documentary about the impact of climate change on a small village on Bangladesh – via Viewers can choose which stories they find most interesting, watch them and watch it a number of times from different perspectives. ‘Gabura’ contains extraordinary […]

Come Dine With Me gets a real-time boost

I said that there would be a few curveballs during NaBloPoMo, so here’s the first;┬áCome Dine With Me, the Channel 4 cooking phenomenon, is set to launch a ‘social media extension’ for its show on November 9th. I’d have thought they would have teamed up with ‘two screen’ specialists Mint Digital, but have instead chosen […]

Berlin, Berlin…

I’ve been in Berlin for the past two days for the Global Online Giving Marketplaces annual meet-up. I’d been invited to come and talk about ‘all things digital’, focused mainly on my work with G20Voice, Global Cool and WCAFI, as well as suggesting ways to interact better with a younger digital generation. Last night I […]