Music videos

Liv Tyler covers INXS’ Need You Tonight for Givenchy

Need a recent example of great branded content? Look no further. Liv Tyler has rock royalty in her blood, she’s incredibly cool, and now she’s covered INXS’ Need You Tonight for Givenchy. Someone at Givenchy should be getting a huge raise right about now. It’s trending on Twitter too.

D.L.I.D – Color in your hands (featuring Fink)

1. Fink wrote one of my favourite songs of all time. 2. What a video. 3. This is my new jam Dick laurent is dead feat. FINK – Colour in your hands from leneopen on Vimeo.

The most beautiful music video in the world

Aziz Ansari + Kanye + Jay-Z

I love Otis Redding’s ‘Try a Little Tenderness’, I love Kanye & Jay-Z together on this track, and now I discover that none other than Aziz Ansari appears in the Spike Jonze directed video. Epic.