Betweenager from Motorcycle Display Team

Yesterday I was sent a link to Motorcycle Display Team’s new album, Captatio Benevolentiae (which according to lead singer Steven Hinds is a term in rhetoric to describe the opening salvo of a public address intended to win over an audience).

It’s interesting for me to listen to it because MDT’s stuff doesn’t fall necessarily into any of the genres I listen to on a regular basis.

I sent them this via email: “My take is that you guys have a touch of the Black Keys, with some of The Drums thrown in and a touch of Two Door Cinema Club in the vocals.”

Betweenager is my personal favourite (first single for sure). In fact, I love the guitar hook on it and I prefer their tracks that – like that one- are a little more up-tempo and current.

Listen to the full album here, or hit play on the link below to listen to Betweenager.

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  1. Steve

    Hey Vikki,
    We gots the promo done and I gots all made up. What’s not to love.

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