What will make it onto Marina’s Electra Heart?

Fear and Loathing saw Marina & the Diamonds transform into blonde-haired Electra Heart earlier this year. As well as her first alter ego, the character is also the name of her new album.

Speaking to Popjustice she explained that, “Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything that I stand for. And the point of introducing her and building a whole concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology, and basically that’s the corruption of yourself. My worst fear – that’s anyone’s worst fear – is losing myself and becoming a vacuous person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious.”

Then she debuted the first official single from Electra Heart back in September, which is out now and called Radioactive. There’s a free acoustic download of it on the right-hand side of her website if you fancy it.

She said she wrote Radioactive in New York in the middle of a heat wave. “Introduced to a glittering new nightlife, I fell in love with New York; it has this magic, fizzing white energy that no other city in the world has.”

But hark, have you heard the leaks of yet more new tracks online?

Starring Role is also beautiful, and we already know that Jealousy (which leaked at the beginning of the year) will be making an appearance.  But what else?

How about Scab & Plaster? It’s my favourite track from her so far- but either way, I can’t wait to hear the final cut.

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