Song lyrics on necklaces

Beautiful Cate, knowing that I’m a lover of all things musical, just flagged a site to me called Wear That There (which appeared in Styist magazine’s Emerald Street newsletter today).

The premise is simple; the company produces silver necklaces, charms and pendants with lyrics of your choice on.

Whether it’s a special track, words that are meaningful or an idea you respect, you can select the type of jewellery you want and submit your chosen lines.

This is obviously a young company with a great idea. You buy through Paypal (at £70.50 for a necklace including packaging) and submit your chosen lyric in the ‘additional info to merchant’ box.

Once it takes off, I hope to see them integrate some solid ecommerce functionality on-site. It’s just a lovely idea.

3 responses to “Song lyrics on necklaces”

  1. Cate

    Love these! But I am so indecisive I’d have to buy like 54 of them…

  2. PaulieA

    what a brilliant idea, just ordered one for my wife! Good tip Vikki 🙂

  3. Jen

    I bought one recently and everyone I meet comments on it! It is so unique. My lyric is ‘Howling at the Moonlight, Squinting at the Sun’ from Django Django’s song, Firewater.

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