Roll on Chinese New Year

Once again, Chinese New Year is fast approaching. I love this time, especially as I work so close to London’s Chinatown. There’s nothing quite like being wrapped up warm in the February winds and walking through that area. In the evening it’s beautiful, especially as the streets are decorated with bright red lanterns and usually some kind of pastel-coloured paper flourish.

It also gives me an excuse (not that I need one) to eat Chinese food, my favourite of which is dim sum. From honey roast pork puffs to steamed scallop dumplings, sampling a multitude of small dishes in one sitting with good friends is always a treat.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of a cheeky cocktail to boot, and seeing as those clever people over at Ping Pong have a special menu for Chinese New Year in all 12 of their stores at the moment, they’ve been in contact to give you all the chance of winning a little something something.

Now this gives me the perfect opportunity to do another thing  I enjoy: build a playlist. But not just any old playlist though, one with an oriental theme. All you have to do to be in with the chance of winning one of 10 vouchers for two free cocktails at any Ping Pong location is tell me what you think the best song would be to bring in Chinese New Year with.

Don’t just go for the obvious, think about tracks like Chinese Boxes by The High Dials or maybe something a little more dancey like DJ Wordy? Hey, go leftfield and throw in 30 Seconds From Mars’ ‘From Yesterday’ if you fancy. Whether the track evokes a feeling or has a more direct connection to the celebration, all will be considered. Just leave a comment below.

Closing date is end of this month, and I’ll make/ post a Spotify link when the winners are announced.

Images via Oliver Spalt and Liqurious.

14 responses to “Roll on Chinese New Year”

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  2. Sarah Lafferty

    It has to be the “Rabbit in the Moon” remix of Blue Monday, a wicked interpretation of a classic that I remember hearing at about 6.00am on New Year’s Day in New York City a few years back. It’s the year of the Rabbit after all! x

  3. Charliesaidthat

    If we are talking Chinese music… I love this band called Mayday (but they aren’t on Spotify).

    Otherwise… “Can’t get enough” by Infadels always puts me in a celebratory mood.


  4. matt brawn

    for me, it has to be Un:Cut – Chinese Silk (Calibre Remix) – one of the silkiest, smoothest and sultriest slices of fast soul music ever.

    bit of a tenuous link, but PingPong cocktails are tasty and it’s got ‘Chinese’ in the title.

  5. Laura Nestler

    The Yelp London office agrees that Matthew Dear’s “You Put a Smell on Me” is an easy choice.

    Not only does any reputable Chinatown have that tell-tale-reek of fresh fish on the chopping block, but after leaving any quality steamy, sweaty Hot Pot hut (we’re looking at you Little Lamb), stinking of meat is a badge of authenticity that we all can only hope to achieve.

    Plus the song is sexy, dark and dramatic with a touch of techno and plenty of synth. I mean, what about that *doesn’t* scream Chinese New Year?

  6. Viv Brett

    It has to be ‘To the Moon and Back’ by Savage Garden. Chinese New Year as I am sure you all know revolves around the Moon. Hmm

  7. Kalam Ali
  8. Terence Eden

    “They were funky China men from funky Chinatown,
    They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down,
    It’s an ancient Chinese art and everybody knew their part,
    From a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip…”

    …you know the rest 🙂

  9. Toast

    Fireflies, not the Owl City song, the one by Angelique Keni.

    Listen to and try not to be happy, I dare you.


  10. Lucie Bickerdike

    China Girl – David Bowie.

    Is that an obvious one? I don’t care, it’s still brilliant 🙂

  11. Jules

    Clearly ‘Do You Know ? (The Ping Pong Song)’ by Enrique Iglesias.

    Modern day classic.

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