I meant to blog about this the other day, but got caught up in Diplo’s new Feist remix and forgot. Now it’s been discovered via Twitter and my hand has been forced 🙂

As part of of new media age and Reputation Online‘s ongoing support of The Hospital Club (the private member’s club in Covent Garden designed specifically for creative industries), nma editor Justin Pearse and I have been placed into the ‘zeitgeist’ of Twitter streams on its website.

As you’d imagine, you can find us under the ‘Zeitgeist’ section on THC’s socialsite, which is introduced as, “a menu of trend shifters and creative luminaries, an instant window into the “spirit” of our times.” Isn’t that nice?

This can then be filtered to view each of our tweets individually (the group also includes Martha Lane Fox, The FT’s Tim Bradshaw and W+K’s Iain Tait), or you can view a list of interesting blogs such as Made By Many or music marketing geniuses FRUKT.

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