Sigur Rós on plagiarism

It seems that after my post the other day about ads and music, someone was listening 😉

Sigur Rós has talked at length on their blog about the hundreds of requests they get asking to use their tracks for adverts.

As you can probably imagine, the band are less than happy to have their songs used to promote just *anything*. They say that quite often, they’ll be pitched, say no – but a brand will go ahead and create something that sounds just a bit too familiar regardless.

The best example of this is Peugeot’s 307 short, which is remarkably ‘similar’ to the group’s Olsen, Olsen.

Here’s the original:

Heres the rip-off:

They’ve posted a few examples, including the above, that – in their own words – makes them go ‘hmm’. The band asks for anyone spotting a ‘fromage’ over a ‘homage’ to get in touch by emailing

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