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Nokia, bioplastics and the big green responsibility debate

At present, the European Commission is considering applying stronger regulatory actions to try and address the 10.3 billion tonnes of electronic waste produced each year in Europe. Right now, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidelines have been implemented in many forms, which means that a manufacturer takes accountability for a product beyond the time of sale. […]

Kingsnorth; mass protest vs. business politics

Following my involvement with the G20 Voice project, I’ve kept in touch with the team at Oxfam and am always keen to help spread the word about new initiatives. Accordingly, their next project stems from E.ON’s plans to replace the dual-fired Kingsnorth power station with a coal-fire one, the first to be built in the […]

My unsung hero?

  My next video diary covers my broken e71, and the handset I’ll be using while it’s off being fixed. Click through to watch on The Really Mobile Project

They came, they gave, they Swished

Last week, the Global Cool Swish finally came and went with a bang, in a whirl of Yelp Collins, Karen Millen and felt flowers. Just days before, I was slightly panicked after a last minute let down for my clothes rails, luckily, the day arrived and a friend of mine from M&S stepped in to […]