Three day countdown to the Global Cool Swish

It’s only three days till the Swish, and there have been some very exciting last minute developments. First, a big thank you to Red Cube Marketing, who have made a last minute donation to the event and now join Yelp and MyEhive as main sponsors for the evening. Red Cube are a no nonsense, ‘tell […]

Yelp and MyEhive support the Global Cool Swish

Things are in FULL swing for the Global Cool Swish event that’s happening in a few weeks. If you still haven’t signed up, grab one of last few remaining tickets here, give yourself a wardrobe refesh and do your bit for climate change – all for free. Speaking of which, it’s my pleasure to announce […]

Swish for Global Cool; it’s time to party

Some of you may be aware of my support for Global Cool, a climate change charity that focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions by creating practical initiatives instead of fundraising alone. This means that saving the planet isn’t just for people who like to think of themselves as ‘green’, it’s about having a little […]

G20Voice: the final videos

1. Thoughts on the communique with Anthony Painter G20 Voice: Thoughts on the communique with Anthony Painter 2. The day after G20 Voice: the day after