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IAB Engage 2009

I spent today at the IAB’s Engage 2009 conference. Charles Leadbeater, author of We-think: the power of mass creativity, was the best speaker for me. I liked his advice for dealing with trolls (“sometimes, you just have to let it go”) and it was refreshing to see someone speak so fluently without the dreaded PowerPoint. […]

Tech not causing social isolation after all…

US firm Pew Research has released its report into social behaviour, called ‘social isolation and new technology’. From the company’s Internet and American Life project (which is a nonprofit), it looks only at American users of social-based technology, but is still a fairly good gauge of Western use. The main outcome was that technology is […]

FTBC on the QT

I’m going to FTBC on the QT this Wednesday, following a quick call from my good friend Olly Knowles (who’s now at Momentum). Fashion Targets Breast Cancer do some great promotions and events that help make the condition more relevant and visible to younger people. This session on Wednesday is a celebration of what’s been […]

Digital table tops at Inamo

I love the digital table tops at Inamo in Soho. There’s no waitress, just servers. You can scroll through the menu by clicking two buttons on your side of the table, place an order and check your bill in real time. You can change the atmosphere of your surroundings by changing the light, ‘tablecloth’ or […]