A quick writing round-up

Some words from me, across the Internet…

A look at the Tories’ Facebook bill, and why it’s so weird, over on Holmes Report

I also did a Q&A with the PerformanceIn team, ahead of judging the Performance Marketing Awards 2015 – as well as wrote the content marketing segments for the PerformanceIn Performance Marketing Guide for 2015

A summary of CES trends from 2015, on my H+K blog, plus a piece on the epic rise of WeChat – and another on the changing role of the PR person as facilitator

Happy reading!

Appearing on the Social Media Show #11

Last week I joined Eric Swain and Ann Hawkins for star 107fm’s Social Media Show. The subject was community, and we had a good old natter about what the hell that means, varying approaches to the value of this and clarity around differing roles.

Check out the full podcast here.

A quick chat with Salesforce about community…

I spoke with Salesforce earlier this week as part of its Social Success series, largely about community strategy, insight and resourcing.

You can read the full piece here, but the key for me is my ‘what’s will we see in the next 12-18 months’ question.

I’m obsessing over influencer co-creation at the moment (collaborating with bloggers or those with social influence on projects rather than traditional ‘pitching’), and this week it’s been front of mind – both for me looking at how to better work alongside the people we want to get on our team, and what clients are asking us to do.

Exciting times.


Moving community management in-house

I forgot to post about the chat I’d had with Holmes Report’s Aarti Shah last month, just after Nike announced that it was to take full control of all of its social media – moving things from its various agencies to in-house.

Aarti summarised the 20 minute chat I had with her into the succinct comment below, but the jist of it (which Rick Wion, director of social media at McDonald’s, seems to agree with) is that in an ideal world, community management should be managed internally (whether that’s a point person or someone physically doing the platform moderation) with the support of an agency providing input into reactive design, content creation and best practice.

“I had been writing about people to taking community management in-house for more than two years before joining TMW because I expected [the industry] to be more advanced. Yet, the demand from clients to have us manage their communities has just begun and we’ve seen a tremendous spike just in the last 10 months. For companies, like Nike, taking social media all in-house makes sense. But many companies are still asking questions like: ‘What is the best platform? What will I say? How will I support this?’ When a client does not have the internal resources or the knowledge of best practices, it makes sense to give community management to a trusted agency.”

Of course, that’s not always possible – and there’s a wide array of maturity in terms of knowledge from brand to brand – but this is the best way to approach it to ensure that tone of voice is true, but that you’re learning from a team that can share learnings from multiple industries and accounts.

You can read the full article here.


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